BUSA Long Course Championships 2008

Governing Body BUSA
Competition Long Course Championships 2008
Course Long
Venue Ponds Forge, Sheffield
Dates Friday 15th - Sunday 17th February 2008
Format 50m, 100m, 200m, Relays: Heats and Finals
All other: HDW
Results Source Results Link

Session 1, Friday 15th February, 6pm

Event Time Name Date Position
800m Free Women 10:13.17 Steph McNally 15/02/2008 8
800m Free Women 9:33.72 Laura Bowden 15/02/2008 3
800m Free Men 9:32.01 Tommy Sheldrick 15/02/2008 8
800m Free Men 9:47.72 Joe Banns 15/02/2008 11
1500m Free Men 16:07.39 Mark McKenna 15/02/2008 2
1500m Free Women 17:44.68 Erica Brown 15/02/2008 3
4x100m Free Women 4:03.93 15/02/2008 3
100m Free Women 1:00.39 15/02/2008 n/a
4x100m Free Men 3:45.07 15/02/2008 9
100m Free Men 57.38 15/02/2008 n/a

Session 2, Saturday 16th February, 9:30am

Event Time Name Date Position
200m Free Women 2:14.33 Abi Tetley 16/02/2008 4
200m Free Women 2:24.40 Jessica Pealing 16/02/2008 19
200m Free Men 2:30.25 John Kelly 16/02/2008 49
200m Free Men 2:04.80 Rob Gater 16/02/2008 18
50m Back Women 32.34 Sarah Westwood 16/02/2008 6
50m Back Women 34.77 Sarah Fischer 16/02/2008 18
50m Back Men 33.53 Affif Grazette 16/02/2008 48
50m Back Men 31.22 Joe Bill 16/02/2008 27
50m Breast Women 38.57 Jenny Salmon 16/02/2008 26
50m Breast Women 39.23 Lucy McFarland 16/02/2008 30
50m Breast Men 37.42 Paul Woodcock 16/02/2008 58
50m Breast Men 34.56 Michael Sharkey 16/02/2008 38
100m Fly Women 1:05.27 Steph Hill 16/02/2008 2
100m Fly Women 1:14.73 Rhianne Thomas 16/02/2008 20
100m Fly Men 1:09.89 Matthew Lees 16/02/2008 45
100m Fly Men 1:03.74 Rob Gater 16/02/2008 22

Session 3, Saturday 16th February, 2pm

Event Time Name Date Position
200m Back Women 2:33.59 Laura Bowden 16/02/2008 7
200m Back Women 2:55.79 Steph Porter 16/02/2008 30
200m Back Men 2:33.63 Mark Howard 16/02/2008 22
200m Back Men 2:39.93 Graham Bell 16/02/2008 26
50m Free Women 27.83 Abi Tetley 16/02/2008 4
50m Free Women 30.22 ?? 16/02/2008 29
50m Free Men26.00Terry Charalambous 16/02/2008 30
50m Free Men 25.70 Billy Kwiatkowski 16/02/2008 21
200m Breast Women 2:51.46 Erica Brown 16/02/2008 7
200m Breast Women 3:04.31 Jessica Pealing 16/02/2008 16
200m Breast Men 3:04.21 Martyn Cornish 16/02/2008 26
200m Breast Men 2:49.51 Ryan Sanders 16/02/2008 19
400m IM Women 5:16.73 Erica Brown 16/02/2008 6
400m IM Men 4:43.40 Mark McKenna 16/02/2008 4
400m IM Men 5:23.53 Joe Banns 16/02/2008 15
4x100m Medley Women 4:37.92 16/02/2008 3
100m Back Women 1:10.36 16/02/2008 n/a
4x100m Medley Men 4:09.98 16/02/2008 6
100m Back Men 1:05.79 16/02/2008 n/a

Session 4, Saturday 16th February, 6pm

Finals of Saturday's heats, Friday's Freestyle Relays, and fastest heat of 400m IM.

Event Time Name Date Position
200m Free Women 2:10.57 Abi Tetley 16/02/2008 4
50m Back Women 32.13 Sarah Westwood 16/02/2008 5
100m Fly Women 1:03.85 Steph Hill 16/02/2008 2
200m Back Women 2:32.85 Laura Bowden 16/02/2008 5
50m Free Women 27.38 Abi Tetley 16/02/2008 4
200m Breast Women 2:55.42 Erica Brown 16/02/2008 9
4x100m Free Women 4:02.79 16/02/2008 3
100m Free Women 59.43 16/02/2008 n/a
4x100m Free Men 3:45.42 16/02/2008 9
100m Free Men 57.73 16/02/2008 n/a

Session 5, Sunday 17th February, 9:30am

Event Time Name Date Position
200m Fly Women 2:50.07 Steph McNally 17/02/2008 8
200m Fly Men 2:24.76 Tommy Sheldrick 17/02/2008 13
100m Free Women 1:01.94 Abi Tetley 17/02/2008 4
100m Free Women 1:02.78 Charlotte Boobyer 17/02/2008 6
100m Free Men 58.11 Rob Gater 17/02/2008 30
100m Free Men 58.12 Joe Bill 17/02/2008 31
100m Breast Women 1:26.12 Jenny Salmon 17/02/2008 23
100m Breast Women 1:31.64 Lucy McFarland 17/02/2008 28
100m Breast Men 1:16.92 Michael Sharkey 17/02/2008 26
100m Breast Men 1:16.51 Andy Cowan 17/02/2008 23
200m IM Women 2:39.29 Sarah Westwood 17/02/2008 9
200m IM Men 2:35.78 Mark Howard 17/02/2008 37
200m IM Men 2:43.47 Graham Bell 17/02/2008 41
50m Fly Women 29.83 Steph Hill 17/02/2008 4
50m Fly Women 32.17 Rachel Bates 17/02/2008 15
50m Fly Men 30.69 Matthew Lees 17/02/2008 53
50m Fly Men 30.37 Michael Bailey 17/02/2008 47
100m Back Women 1:11.16 Sarah Westwood 17/02/2008 5
100m Back Women 1:14.39 Julia Warburton 17/02/2008 15
100m Back Men 1:09.54 Terry Charalambous 17/02/2008 28
400m Free Women 4:48.33 Jill Nesbitt 17/02/2008 8
400m Free Women 4:38.63 Laura Bowden 17/02/2008 6
400m Free Men 4:47.51 Alun Sayce 17/02/2008 21
400m Free Men 4:14.98 Mark McKenna 17/02/2008 11

Session 6, Sunday 17th February, 2:30pm

Finals of Sunday's heats, Saturday's Medley Relays, and fastest heat of 400m Free.

Event Time Name Date Position
200m Fly Women 2:47.83 Steph McNally 17/02/2008 7
100m Free Women 59.93 Abi Tetley 17/02/2008 4
100m Free Women 1:02.71 Charlotte Boobyer 17/02/2008 7
200m IM Women 2:34.87 Sarah Westwood 17/02/2008 7
50m Fly Women 29.21 Steph Hill 17/02/2008 4
100m Back Women 1:10.25 Sarah Westwood 17/02/2008 6
4x100m Medley Women 4:32.30 17/02/2008 3
100m Back Women 1:09.32 17/02/2008 n/a
4x100m Medley Men 4:15.74 17/02/2008 10
100m Back Men 1:07.19 17/02/2008 n/a


Exhibitionist Streak Breeds BUSA Success

By Mark Howard and Steph Porter

Team Swim Manchester made their second trip of the year to Ponds Forge in Sheffield for the BUSA Long Course Championships last weekend, in what would turn out to be one of the most successful outings yet.

The team, notorious on poolside for the volume of support given to every member of the squad, came away with 26 top 10 Finalists, 6 medals (2 silver and 4 bronze), 4 new club records and 68 BUSA Championship points for the University.

With British Records being set and competing against opposition that includes most of the British Team for the upcoming World Championships - the Women's Team finished 3rd overall, with the Men coming in 11th. Manchester achieved their highest ever overall position in the individual championships coming away with an amazing 3rd place, behind Loughborough and Bath, beating both Stirling and Swansea (all four being national performance centres for swimming).

The Team's success was down to every member of the team (with a little help from the Red Bull provided!) but notable performances from the weekend include Erica Brown who achieved her National time in a spectacular 1500m Freestyle, coming home with a bronze medal. She also gained a huge personal best and yet more points for the team in the 400m Individual Medley, which followed a great 200m Breaststroke in a very tough finals session.

Laura Bowden set the tone of the weekend in the first event, collecting the bronze medal in the 800m Free, with more top 10 finishes over the following few days. Steph Hill, current BUSA Short-Course Champion, met high expectations to collect a huge amount of points for the team, coming 2nd and 4th in her individual events. Sarah Westwood, never one to let the team down, swam 10 exceptional races over the weekend to accumulate another mass of points.

On her last BUSA weekend, Abi Tetley made it one to remember, gaining 4th position in all four of her individual events. At the other end of her BUSA career, Charlotte Boobyer joined Abi in the final of the 100m Free, hitting a new personal best and 7th place. Steph McNally, not content with a gruelling 800m Free and 9th place, unleashed an impressive 200m Fly on the Sunday morning (a time of the weekend not favoured by any of the swimmers after the events of the night before!) making the final, where she bettered her time and position to 7th place.

The Manchester ladies have set a very high standard in the relays over the last few years and this weekend was no exception. Both the Freestyle (Tetley, Westwood, Hill and Jill Nesbitt) and the Medley (Westwood, Brown, Hill and Tetley) teams gained outstanding bronze medals, miles ahead of 4th position to reinforce their place in the top 3 teams in the country.

Mark McKenna, despite suffering with illness, produced some exceptional swims coming home with a silver medal for his 1500m Free, plus more top ten finishes in his other events. The Men's relays (Free - Joe Bill, Rob Gater, McKenna and Ryan Sanders and Medley - Bill, McKenna, Gater, and Terry Charalambous) both achieved impressive top ten positions with some outstanding times from the guys.

Once again, Manchester made the most of what Sheffield unions have to offer on both nights, whilst producing exceptional performances in the water and ensuring they were the best supported team throughout. The whole team displayed a brilliant attitude, making the weekend not only the most successful yet but one of the most enjoyable BUSA weekends on record.

The team's performance fortifies the outstanding progress seen over the last few years and must surely push them even closer towards being the AU club of the year.

In recognition of their achievements both in BUSA events and elsewhere, Erica Brown and Coach Tim Konowalik have been nominated by the club for Sports Achiever of the Year and Coach of the Year respectively for Manchester District in the Greater Manchester Sport Awards. Both Erica and Tim have been invited to represent Manchester District at the Awards Dinner in April. The team would like to wish them the best of luck at this prestigious event.

Team Swim have been kept busy over the last few weeks, recently participating in a promotional photo shoot for the World Short-Course Swimming Championships which are to be held on the 9-13th April at the MEN Arena this year. The lucky bunch stripped down to their racing gear and posed around the Arndale Shopping Centre, attracting a few odd comments and looks from passers by! They were joined by swimmers Michael Rock (taking a year out from Uni of Manchester to focus on making the Olympics this year) and 6 times World Short-Course Champion James Hickman.

An edited version of this report (wrongly attributed to the Sports Editor) was published in Student Direct on Monday 3rd March 2008.