BUSA Team Championships Division 1 North Qualifier 2005/6


On 5th November the swim team embarked on their first outing of the year to the Northern Heats of the BUSA Team Championships, in a particularly charming suburb of Birmingham. The combination of our resident Brummie and some superb driving from our virgin-minibus driver, Graeme, ensured that we arrived an hour early - an unprecedented result for team swim!

The team consisting of: Graeme ;the Machine' Smith, Ben Fulford, James 'player' Murray, Gavin Hunter, Owen Laverty, Dave Proud, Matt Moody, Lucy 'Captain Lightweight' Lloyd-Roach, Steph Porter, Marie 'you'll find out your nickname soon' Jones, Franki Peers, Jill 'I didn't eat too much chocolate this year' Nesbitt, and Abi Tetley all gave 110% to the cause.

The result that took over an hour to announce (due to some difficulties in adding up, proving the host, Birmingham University's, Poly status) the efforts of the team were appropriately realised with Manchester finishing 3rd to Loughborough and Birmingham (both teams whose 'northern' status is debatable). Our top 3 result means that we qualify for the National Finals in Nottingham.

With such a great result it was a fantastic start to our series of BUSA competitions and we look forward to the BUSA Short Course Championships in Sheffield in 2 weeks time. Congratulations and thanks must go to all involved including our coach, Tim Konowalik and time-keeper, Katie Loker.