BUSA Short Course Championships 2004


CAPTAIN'S CORNER: SWIMMING by Roger Barnes and Lucy Lloyd-Roach

At 7.30am on Sunday 7th November a select group of Manchester's 'elite' swimmers along with possibly the most sociable team coach in Manchester University, Tim 'toilet boy' Konowalik, were scheduled to leave for the BUSA team nationals in Darlington. At 9am we finally left Manchester behind us having shrugged off several unforeseen circumstances including rousing a drunken Scouse member of the team; thus began our magical mystery tour of the North East courtesy, once again, of Swimming's proven Navigation Team. At one point it looked dubious as to whether we would make it there at all, but thanks to our amazing president-come-chauffer, Big Kin, we arrived with minutes to spare, albeit having missed the entire warm up. Our Medley relay teams went straight in at the deep end and set the tone for the rest of the gala with some (literally) breath-taking swims.

The team consisting of Roger 'Workhorse' Barnes (c), Dave 'Tosser' Holt, Sean Peers, James Murray, Mike Searle, Lucy 'Captain Lightweight' Lloyd-Roach (c), Catherine 'angry, angry' Bolsover, Marie 'token fresher' Jones and the legendary Peachey, all gave 110% to the cause. Notable performances included swims from Peachey, Marie, Dave and James, as well as both of the women's relay teams in the face of some strong opposition from the likes of Loughborough and Birmingham. Despite all our best efforts, however, we missed out on the qualifying top three by the tantalising margin of just three points. Although disappointing to miss out on the team finals, it was a promising start to our series of BUSA competitions and we look forward to the BUSA Short Course Championships in Sheffield in a week's time.