Oxford v Manchester University 1925

An article in The Times newspaper on Tuesday, May 19, 1925 (pg. 6; Issue 43965; col F) gave results of a swimming and water polo match against Oxford University.

Oxford University beat Manchester University in a swimming match in the Merton Street Baths, Oxford, yesterday, by four events to one.
The results were:-
50 YARDS. - B. J. Brodie (Worcester), 1; W. Berry (Manchester), 2. Won by two yards. Time, 24 1-5sec.
100 YARDS. - W. B. Fiddian Green (Brasenose), 1; W. Berry (Manchester), 2. Won by four yards. Time 60 4-5sec.
QUARTER-MILE. - E. Lions (Manchester), 1; J. T. Witherspoon (Worcester), 2. Won by two lengths. Time 6min 20 3-5sec.
200 YARDS TEAM RACE. - OXFORD UNIVERSITY (C. G. Fletcher (Pembroke), H. M. Cleckley (University), B. H. Brodie (Worcester), W. B. Fiddian Green (Brasenose)), 1; MANCESTER UNIVERSITY (E. Lions, W. T. Ellis, W. Berry, S. Wray), 2. Won by eight yards. Time, 1min 42 4-5sec.
WATER POLO - OXFORD UNIVERSITY, 8 goals; MANCHESTER UNIVERSITY, 0. OXFORD. - A. Westwood (St. John's), A. Theodorakis (Worcester), F. S. Oram (Queen's), J. C. Fitzgerald (Pembroke), M. H. Barry (Hertford), C.G. Fletcher (Pembroke), A. A. Harris (Jesus). MANCHESTER. - R. H. Barnes, J. T. Whitley, M. Sheehan, T. Ellis, S. Wray, W. Berry, and W. Hubball.