Owens College Annual Gala 1901

Report from The Manchester Guardian, 8th November 1901, Page 7

The Owens College Annual Gala
The sith annual gala of the Owens College Swimming Club 
took place at the Leaf-street Baths, Hume, yesterday. No 
fewer than eight finals and heats were decided. Dr. Donald 
and Mr. Montgomery acted as judges, and Mr. G. C. Simpson 
as timekeeper. When the racing had ended Professor R. B. 
Wild distributed the prizes, and spoke of the usefulness of 
swimming. He suggested the establishment of a swimming 
bath at the Owens College. Mr. J. C. Smyth (hon. secretary) 
proposed a vote of thanks to Professor R. B. Wild, Dr. Donald, 
Professor Dixon, Mr. Montgomery, and others. This was 
seconded by Mr. C. P. Lapage and carried. The results of the 
contests were:—Junior club handicap, 50 yards (two lengths): 
1, C. H. Oxland (8); 2, W. H. Kaye (at go). Club championship, 
100 yards (four lengths)—Mr. W. Mather's cup, winner 
not to compete again—Final: 1, S. Duckworth; 2, G. W. 
Owen; time, 1min 15sec. Diving competition (presidents 
prize): Long dive, R. W. Henstock; neat dive, A. E. Wenner. 
Long-distance race, 250 yards (ten lengths)—Dr. Judson S. 
Bury's cup—Final: 1, S. Duckworth; 2, O. H. Oxland; time, 
4min. Senior Club handicap, 75 yards (three lengths)—first 
prize presented by Dr. Donald—Final: 1, S. Duckworth; 2, 
W. Owen (6). Inter-college flying squadron race challenge 
shield: Owens College. Old clothes race won by A. E. 
Wenner. Open handicap—Final@ 1, E. T. Roberts (at go); 
2, S. Duckworth (3).