Swimmers of the Year 2007-2008

In his fourth and final year as swimming coach, Tim Konowalik explains the reasons for this year's Swimmers of the Year awards. The awards are based both on performance in training and in competitions throughout the academic year.

Tommy Sheldrick

Tommy Sheldrick going to 15m underwater off the last turn of his 1500m was undoubtedly the stand-out moment at BUSA this year. The fact that the squad has someone who is willing to do that shows just how far it has come over the last few years. It is that great effort combined with numerous other things that culminate in Tommy winning this award. His attendance, punctuality and work ethic in training have been second to none all year, as have his performances at BUSA, of which his 60 second personal best time was the highlight. Aside from all these things, out of the pool Tommy has shown himself to be a very active member of the team, something which he should strive to continue in his remaining years in Manchester. In winning this award, he is in esteemed company and should be very proud of himself.

Charlotte Boobyer

Like Tommy, Charlotte's attendance, punctuality and work ethic in training have been very impressive this year. She wins this award on the back of this and the great performances she has produced at BUSA, particularly in the second half of year. This year she has swam times that she can be very proud as it is has been her hard work and self-motivation that have produced them. More impressively however, she has consistently put up with the coach's appalling sense of humour and for that she must be applauded. I am sure that she will continue this hard work next year when I am sure that she will have a very big role to play in the girls team.