Swimmers of the Year 2006-2007

Swimming coach Tim Konowalik explains the reasons for this year's Swimmers of the Year awards. The awards are based both on performance in training and in competitions throughout the academic year.

Steph Hill

In 2006/2007 Steph had a very successful year, with seven BUSA Medals, six club records and two top eight finishes at the ASA National Championships in March. Steph arrived at the University as a swimmer with some pedigree, having swum for Great Britain at both Senior and Junior level, and having represented Scotland at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne. Steph's attitude to her training has been exceptional, rarely missing a session, doing many extra sessions in her own time, and most importantly, working very well in those sessions. This has all been to the benefit of the club as a whole, giving us many BUSA points and giving both the men and women on the squad someone to look up to. Furthermore, Steph has provided help and motivation to other swimmers on the squad throughout the year, and for all this, the club is very grateful to her. I'm sure that 2007/2008 will be another very successful year for 'The Hill'.

Sean Peers

For me, there couldn't be a better example of how much can be achieved by totally buying into the competitive programme than Sean Peers. 2006/2007 was a remarkable year for Sean, as it saw him drop from a 57 to a 54.0 for 100m freestyle and 25.0 to a 24.4 for 50m freestyle. This was a fantastic achievement but is one that is thoroughly deserved given the way that he applied himself to his training throughout the year. Sean also provided some excellent relay performances throughout the year, and for this the whole club is extremely grateful to him. Sean is a worthy winner of this award and will be sadly missed next year both competitively and socially. However, 'the quiet man' has promised to carry on training with the squad next year and so there will be many more pearls of wisdom to come from the 'Hotrod'.