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General Regulations

Christie Championships Association General Regulations
(General Regulations as approved for use from 1st January 2007)
  1. Aim
    1. The aim of the Christie Championships Association shall be to provide and promote sport annually within the *three Universities of Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester.
  2. Membership
    1. Membership of the Christie Championships Association shall be the Universities of Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester.
  3. Finance
    1. The income of the Christie Championships Association shall only be used for the furtherance of the aims and objects of the Association as outlined in clause 1.1 above.
    2. No officer shall be held liable for a bona fide debt received on behalf of the Association and shall not be held liable for any loss or damage which may be incurred by the Association in the executive of their office or in relation thereto.
    3. The annual subscription shall be equal for all member universities regardless of student numbers. The fee shall be determined by the Christie Committee in February for the following year.
    4. Annual subscriptions (if levied) shall be paid by 31 October in each year.
    5. The Central Students Sports Organisation of each member of the Association is alone deemed liable for all monies received by any of its officers or by the officers of its clubs, on behalf of the Association.
    6. The financial year shall start on 1 August in each year and end on the following 31 July.
    7. Any member wishing to withdraw from membership shall notify the Association of its intention in writing before 30 April in the preceding year.
  4. Officials
    1. The Trustees shall be three in number, one from each Member University and be nominated and approved by the Annual General Meeting.
    2. A Trustee shall hold office until his or her death or resignation, failing an alternative resolution passed at the Annual General Meeting.
    3. Any investments held by the Trustees may be held in the joint name of any two of them or in the name of any corporation or of any other person nominated by the trustees in writing for this purpose.
    4. The Trustees shall be indemnified against all risk and expense incurred by them in the course of their duties.
  5. Officers and Management of the Association
    1. For the purpose of the championship organisation, the Christie Committee shall be established annually and shall normally consist of:
      1. 6 student representatives, two each from each of the Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester Athletic Unions one with voting rights.
      2. 3 senior representatives, one from each of Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester Universities, without voting rights.
    2. From within this committee membership of nine, the following positions will be elected annually at the first meeting of the year:
      1. Chairperson
      2. Hon. Secretary
      3. Hon Treasurer
    3. The committee shall have the power to co-opt additional non-voting members.
    4. The Association cannot accept any liability for any incident or injury sustained by an officer, or other persons acting on behalf of the Association.
  6. Meetings of the Christie Committee
    1. There shall be a minimum of three meetings of the committee per year, normally scheduled for December, February and May.
  7. Finance and General Purposes of Committee
    1. The Finance and General Purposes Committee shall consist of:
      1. One senior representative from each of the member universities
      2. One student representative from each of the member universities
    2. No business shall be transacted by the Committee unless there are a two thirds majority of the Committee present, with the minimum of one representative from each University.
  8. Annual General Meeting
    1. The Annual General Meeting shall be held in December each year, normally on the same date as the December Christie Committee meeting.
    2. It shall be the business of the Annual General Meeting:
      1. To formally adopt the report and balance sheet for the year ending on 31st July
      2. To formally adopt the report and balance sheet for the year ending on 31st July
      3. To consider and adopt any amendments to the Christie Association Rules and Regulations
      4. To confirm the 'scoring' sports for that season
  9. Christie Team Championships
    1. The Christie Committee may promote annually Team Championships to ascertain the winning university in the following sports.
      1. Men's Teams
        1. Assoc. Football (3)
        2. Athletics (1)
        3. Badminton (2)
        4. Basketball (1)
        5. Canoe Polo (1)
        6. Cricket (1)
        7. Cross Country (1)
        8. Fencing (1)
        9. Hockey (2)
        10. Karate (1)
        11. Rowing (1)
        12. Rugby League (1)
        13. Rugby union (2)
        14. Squash (2)
        15. Swimming (1)
        16. Tennis (1)
        17. Volleyball (1)
        18. Water Polo (1)
      2. Women's Teams
        1. Assoc. Football (2)
        2. Athletics (1)
        3. Badminton (1)
        4. Basketball (1)
        5. Canoe Polo (1)
        6. Cricket (1)
        7. Cross Country (1)
        8. Fencing (1)
        9. Hockey (3)
        10. Karate (1)
        11. Lacrosse (1)
        12. Netball (3)
        13. Rowing (1)
        14. Rugby Union (1)
        15. Squash (1)
        16. Swimming (1)
        17. Tennis (1)
        18. Volleyball (1)
        19. Water Polo (1)
      3. Mixed Teams
        1. Golf (1)
        2. Riding (1)
        3. Sailing (1)
        4. Samurai Jiu Jitsu (1)
        5. Ski (1)
        6. Ten Pin Bowling (1)
        7. Trampoline (1) 
    2.  Suspended sports since season 2001/2002:
      1. Archery
      2. Cricket - Men's 2nds
      3. Cross Country Men's 2nds
      4. Orienteering
      5. Table Tennis Women's
      6. Table Tennis Men's
      7. Judo
      8. Rifle
    3. Amendments and additions to the team list may be made at the AGM.
  10. Eligibility
    1. No person shall play in the Christie Championship after he/she has ceased to be a full time registered student of his/her university.
    2. A student finishing his/her course of study in December or March or later shall be eligible until the end of the academic year.
    3. Internal sandwich course students registered at one of the three Christie universities shall be recognised as eligible for participation in the Christie Championship.
    4. Part time students following a degree course at the respective universities shall be recognised as eligible for participation in the Christie Championship.
  11. Duration of Matches
    1. Duration of all matches shall normally be as laid down by the governing sports body concerned or where appropriate, by agreement between the participating universities.
    2. No extra time shall be played in ANY Christie sport.
  12. Match Officials
    1. Team matches shall have a qualified referee or umpire. The exceptions are third and fourth team hockey where both teams shall provide one umpire.
    2. Should it be impossible in first team matches for the home team to provide neutral officials, the visiting team must be informed at least 48 hours before the match.
    3. It is the responsibility of the home team to provide qualified officials from the appropriate societies.
    4. In the event of a neutral referee or umpire being unavailable, all matches should take place with officials to be agreed by the team captains.
  13. Match Confirmation
    1. The home university will bring confirmation of block fixtures to the December meeting of the Christie Committee. The visiting university will confirm in writing the teams that it will be sending.
    2. The host university will bring provisional confirmation of the Triangular Fixtures to the December meeting, definite confirmation to following no later than 31 January (excepting sports completed in Semester 1). The host university is responsible for all costs associated with the staging of all triangular events.
    3. If a team does not turn out for a scheduled match, and does not give a minimum of 24 hours notice of this withdrawal from a fixture, a penalty will be imposed (15.2.4)
    4. Where a BUSA Cup, BUSA Shield, BUSA Trophy, BUSA Vase or BUSA Plate fixture, finals week-end or final tournament conflicts with a scheduled Christie fixture, for the team concerned only, a club may rearrange the fixture to take place within the month of March and within both universities' Lent term time.
    5. If such a fixture cannot be rearranged within the timescale the fixture shall be awarded to the available team but turn out points will still be awarded.
  14. Abandoned Matches
    1. In the event of a Christie match not being played because of a "force majeure", bad weather, ground conditions or bad light, points shall be awarded as in a drawn match unless the match can be played or replayed within seven days and/or before the end of the Lent term.
  15. Points Scoring
    1. One point will be awarded for each team which turns out for a match.
    2. In all championships overall award of points will be: two for a win, one for a draw, and no points for the loser. The final placings shall be determined by the number of points gained by each team.
    3. Where three institutions tie on points, and no walkover has been given, goal/points difference will decide the ranking, unless stated otherwise in the rules specific to that sport.
    4. In the event of a two or three way tie, where a walkover has been given, the scores against that institution will be disregarded and that team will be placed third. The position of the two remaining universities will be decided on the basis of the result of the match between themselves.
    5. If goal/points difference cannot act as a deciding factor then goals/points for will act as the decider, unless otherwise stated in the rules specific to that sport.
    6. If a team contravenes rule 13.2, one minus point will be awarded to that institution for a Wednesday fixture but minus two for a triangular fixture.
  16. Results
    1. Results must be confirmed in writing to the results co-ordinator within 48 hours of the games being played.
    2. The final positions of all completed competitions will be announced at the venue of the hosting university on the final co-ordinated fixture date.
    3. The result of the Christie Championship will be announced at the May meting of the Committee.
  17. Certificates
    1. Certificates will be presented to all winning team members.
    2. Certificates will be signed by the three AU chairpersons/presidents.
  18. University Colours
    1. The University of Leeds: maroon, bottle green and white
    2. The University of Liverpool: sky blue, navy blue and white
    3. The University of Manchester: purple, black and gold.
  19. Amendments to the Rules
    1. No individual competition rules maybe changed unless agreed by the Christie Committee at is AGM.
    2. No such alterations or additions shall take effect until the following season.