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Christie Cup

What is the Christie Cup?

There is little information regarding this annual competition on the internet, so here's a summary of what can be found hidden in the depths of the internet.
  • Originally the Universities of Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester were colleges of the Northern/Victoria University.
  • Inter-collegiate competition inaugurated in 1886 - the oldest inter-university competition outside of Oxbridge.
  • Currently  28 sports contested annually in March.
  • Tradition dictates that competition is fierce and the standard of sport is very high
  • The Christie Cup the biggest one day student event external to the BUCS with 78 games being played and around 250 athletes from each institution competing throughout one afternoon at one university
  • Competition organisers continue to refuse to crumble to commercialisation attempts from the BBC and others.

Swimming in The Christie Cup

Although the Swimming competition does not claim as much publicity as rugby, hockey and football from 'The Christie', it is a fundamental part of the competition with the winners gaining valuable points for the University towards the overall Christie Shield.


Christie Cup 2010

The Christie Cup committee have decided to make this multi-sport tournament a one day event at a single venue, due to the varying term dates of the universities, increased BUSA committments and the increasing cost of travel. The majority of the 2010 Christie Cup competitions will be hosted by the University of Manchester on the afternoon of Wednesday 10th March. The swimming competition will be held a week earlier on the 3rd March in preparation for BUCS Team finals