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BUCS - British Universities & College Sport

Every year, there are inter-university swimming competitions for all the universities in the UK. There are three/four competitions: the short course and teams (relays) competition takes place in November, the long course competition usually takes place in February, and the finals for BUCS teams.

We have loads of fun during the weekend, not just competing but also the incredible socials. We are known as the loudest team on poolside, and NO ONE is allowed to sleep on poolside! For freshers, it is the crucial time to be fully integrated into the swimming team and get to know everyone very well. BUCS is one of the highlights of the year, you will be making your most unforgettable university memories here!

We have incredible swimmers in our team, but we never forget to have a good night out. We go out on both Friday and Saturday nights, making the most of the weekend. During the BUCS after-party (aka 'Get Dunked') on Saturday night, most of the universities dress-up to show off their university sprit. Our team of course, turn up 'Purple and Proud', or get on our fancy dress theme for an unforgettable (or forgettable?) night.

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