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Part of the club's development plan is to improve our contact with our alumni. To facilitate this we've started a database of former members to replace the lists of names and [often out-of-date] email addresses kept by the captains. To achieve this, we need your help! Complete and send us the Alumni Contact Details Form to ensure we've got your current contact details then we can keep you updated with current club activities and invite you to give support at future club and alumni events. Email the completed form to, or post to the address at the top of the form.


Alumni every year is invited to swim and compete against the current swim team at the Quest for the Crest. The duel in the pool is always something you can't miss!

Mailing List

When you send us your up-to-date details, your email address will be added to our alumni mailing lists. These will be used by the committee will use these to send you news and information about club and alumni events. All messages to the mailing lists are fully moderated and only suitable messages from list members and the current committee will reach your inbox. Your email address will remain hidden and will not be used for any other purpose. You can ask for your address to be removed from the list at any time by sending a quick email to

XXI Club

Captains and elite athletes become members of the XXI Club. Since its formation in 1932, there have been many elections to the club for contributions to the sport of swimming within the university community.

Friends Reunited

There's a club page on (go to Clubs > Swimming > North West > Manchester > University of Manchester Swimming and Water Polo Club).