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Recreational Swimming

“Being French never stopped me from feeling part of the rec team, and swimming with them was a great experience. I also had the opportunity to take an amazing trip to Ibiza!” – Romain Francez
“A great friendly way of getting fit, and that’s just the socials!" – Will Ambler
"Rec swimming is a great way to exercise and stay fit whilst still having fun and meeting great people." – Sarah Yates
"Swimming isn't my favourite sport but I go every week because getting to know the people and getting drunk with them is great fun" – Ollie Kay

A message from the Recreational Representative...

For swimmers looking for a more relaxed, non-competitive atmosphere, the club’s recreational team is the perfect alternative. The sessions run at the same time as the competitive team’s, and both teams attend the socials, so you won’t feel like you’re missing out if you don’t want to compete. The sessions cater for swimmers of all abilities, and focus on technique, stamina and fitness, and sets are tailored to the abilities of the swimmers.

For those swimmers that wish to compete at a friendly level, the recreational team hold mini-galas twice a year during training sessions, to give swimmers a chance to track their progress during the year. The recreational swimmers are also invited to join in with the University’s Quest for the Crest and compete against swimmers from other universities.

This year we want to get more recreational swimmers involved in the swimming socials than ever before, so get ready to try your hand at some of the best fancy dress you’ll ever experience!

Hope to see you at training soon!