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Competitive Swimming



A message from the Captains...

"Joining Competitive swimming at the university of Manchester is one of the best things you'll decide to do this freshers week. As well as getting fit you'll meet some amazing people, go on the best socials there are and get the chance to swim for your university! I never looked back after joining the swimming club and it really has made my uni experience so special and hopefully you will all feel the same. We look forward to seeing you in the pool!"

Train hard, swim fast, represent the University!

The competitive squad at the University of Manchester Swimming Club is riding the wave of an amazing few years of success. Structured training sessions aim to get the best from swimmers on race day, but enjoyment is not compromised! With 2 teams in the BUCS team championships, they'll be even more opportunities to race this year! Swimmers are encouraged to put use the facilities at the Aquatics Centre in their own time to compliment the club's training sessions.


The University operates a Sports Scholarship Scheme (SSS), within which Swimming is a priority sport. If you can prove your achievements and have the potential for greater things in our sport, then contact the Sport Development Office.

Varsity Group
There is also the opportunity for extra training sessions by joining the Varsity Group, which was set up in 2011. This group has links with the City of Manchester Aquatics Team (COMAST), and has 2 additional training sessions to those of the Competitive Squad. These are on a Tuesday and Friday 6.30-8pm. Members of this group still swim for the University but also have the opportunity to represent COMAST at local compeitions.
For more information you can email us, or ask a Committee member at the Freshers Fair.

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