"Studious attendance at lectures and laboratories will bring you a degree, but it alone will never form you a character. A student's character is moulded on the playing fields and in his association with his fellow-students, living up to the fine ideals of sport. It is a foolish man who will neglect his sport for the sake of whole-time devotion to studies, and still a more foolish man who neglects his studies for the sake of sport. The man who leaves his mark behind him in university history is he who strikes a happy medium." 
(Athletic Union pamphlet for new students, 1923)

Welcome to The University of Manchester Swimming Club. Use the links on the left and below for information on our swimming programmes, competition results and important documentation. The club calendar gives dates of all training sessions, competitions and socials. If you don't find what you're looking for, feel free to contact any of the committee.

Should you have any questions or queries about the swimming club before your arrival please do not hesitate to get in touch with any of the following people and they'll be more than happy to help;

For general queries: uomswimmingclub@gmail.com
Jacob Snowdon (President)-  president@manchesterswimming.co.uk
Matthew Rudolph (Men's Captain)- matthew@manchesterswimming.co.uk
Carita Hui (Women's Captain)- carita@manchesterswimming.co.uk

Join us on Facebook (Competitive and Recreational) and Twitter! Add Manchester Swim on facebook for day-to-day updates!

Recent News

A huge well done to all our swimmers who competed at BUCS Shortcourse! We came 24th this year with a total of 23 points,

a massive improvement from the past 2 years!!



(both are a one hour session with prices to be confirmed)


Have a great summer!

We hope to see you for the 2016-2017 year, it will be bigger and better!


Congratulations to the new committee, we hope you will continue our legacy!

Come and join to celebrate the last AU social of the year on the 8th June @256!


Join us for the last major team event of the year on Sunday 24th April: the Team Championships!

Well done to everyone involved, we came 5th overall in the Shield cup!




Well done to all the swimmers at Christie Cup on 20th April 2016! 
Was a successful event event though Swimming did not come first, Manchester came 1st overall, winning again!


Well done to everyone in Quest for the Crest 2016! 

We had a fantastic time seeing all the alumni and other university swim teams!
We have raised well over £600 for Diabetes UK, thank you to everyone who donated.


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Freshers 2015-2016

Hello & Welcome to the University of Manchester Swimming Club Website! We're looking forward to welcoming new members and the return of existing members this coming September and are currently working very hard to ensure that everything is ready for your arrival.

Circuit Training: Every Saturday 12PM-1PM at the Armitage Centre in Fallowfield for both Comp and Rec Swimmers
Also bring your Student ID to be registered at the front desk for future sessions!

To add yourself to our swimming mailing list, please email lists@manchesterswimming.co.uk.

Unlike some other universities (no names mentioned!), we don't hold formal trials to join the club - it's as simple as this: if you turn up to training regularly and you're good enough, then you'll make it into the teams!

We train at the Manchester Aquatics Centre - the pool built especially for the 2002 Commonwealth Games here in Manchester, right in the centre of the university campus. 
The club is a fun way to get involved with sport at the university, a lot of people will heartily recommend you get involved with a sports team at university for the laughs, fitness and something to put on your CV at the end of it. 

This year's Welcome Pack has all the details about training and what we are all about. Take a look at it here in: Documents

Membership forms can be completed by filling out this form Hereor you can collect them directly from us on the first week of swim sessions!



BUCS Long Course 2016- 50th
BUCS Short course 2015- 41st 
BUCS Teams Championships Shield Cup- 5th
Winners of Quest for the Crest 2016
Winners of Christie Cup 2016

BUCS Long course 2014- 13th
BUCS Teams (Northern Region) 2014 - 6th 
BUCS Short Course- 12th
Winners of Christie Cup 2015
Winners of Quest for the Crest 2015

BUCS Long course 2014 - 7th
BUCS Short course 2013 - 8th
Winners of Quest for the Crest 2014
AU Club of the Year 2014
Winners of Christie Cup 2014

AU Sportswoman of the Year 2013
BUCS Long course 2013- 6th
BUCS Teams 2013 - 6th 
Winners of Christie Cup 2013 
Winners of Quest for the Crest 2013 

AU Club Official of the Year 2012
AU Club of the Year 2012
BUCS Short course 2012- 6th
Set a World Record for 100 x 100m Medley Relay


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Sponsor Opportunities

The University of Manchester Swimming Club is looking for new partners to assist development of the club. Various sponsorship opportunities exist for sponsorship in 2012-13 and beyond. To get in touch please contact Jacob Snowden (president@student.manchester.ac.uk).